summary: postdoctoral researcher at aalto university, helsinki,finland; phd at university of toronto; dipl.eng. at national technical university of athens; research on urban computing, polarisation on the web, social media; toolbox: python, scipy, networkx, scikit-learn, jupyter notebook, mongodb

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology and member of Aalto’s Data Mining Group, where I work with Prof. Aris Gionis. Before I came to Helsinki, I received a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Toronto, where I worked with Prof. Nick Koudas, and a Diploma of Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens.

My interests lie mostly in the analysis of user-generated content on online social networks, social media, and other web platforms. For the current academic year, in particular, my research focuses on urban computing and polarization on the web. My hope is that, through the analysis of our online activity, we’ll be able to discover social patterns of behavior, understand their effects, and ultimately develop the tools for a better – and more social – Web.

Besides doing research, I teach a course on modern database systems, supervise bachelor’s and master’s students, represent Aalto at the SoBigData EU project, and do my share of reviewing. More on my work.

Finally, I believe that the scientific method does not belong only in the lab, but should be used to drive business decisions and public policy outside traditional scientific fields. Therefore, when time permits, I try to be active outside academia, as well. My first steps in that direction were to work part-time as a data scientist at Sometrik – and help co-found Helvia, a data analytics and applications company.

 Curriculum Vitae (pdf) as of 2017-02-15.