ICWSM, ICCSS, visit to Inria

In the past few weeks, I had the opportunity to attend a couple of conferences and make a research visit to Inria, Lille.

First, there was ICWSM, in Oxford. Géraud Le Falher presented his paper and Karmen Dykstra presented her poster from her summer internship with the Data Mining group. The conference was different than the ones I’d been to so far, as it was quite interdisciplinary, with many social scientists attending.


Then, there was ICCSS, in Helsinki. It was an event that I think impressed attendees with its excellent organisation and great line-up of keynote speakers (for those interested, the videos are online).  I found the kind of works that were presented there very similar to ICWSM. (Fun fact: Géraud presented his ICWSM paper again at ICCSS, as did the other presenters in the same session).


And finally, thanks to a kind invitation by Géraud and the MAGNET group at Inria, Lille, I travelled to Lille for a research visit. It was an exciting trip, as the group has an extraordinary team of researchers and it was my first time to visit Inria and present some of our recent work there. I’m also hopeful that the visit will lead to published research and more collaborations in the near future.



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