Podcasts I follow

These days I listen to podcasts quite regularly. Here are two that I’ve found particularly interesting:

The Talking Machines. (Link) This is a podcast about machine learning, which I heard of from Clemens. From a few episodes that I’ve listened to so far, their content falls under the following broad categories. (a) Description of a machine learning technique. This part is usually fairly technical. Not that they’ll have anyone recite complex formulas, but understanding them requires familiarity with machine learning. (b) Personal stories. During this part, a machine learning expert shares details of their own career, e.g., how they chose to do machine learning, what problems they like to work on and why, etc. This is the part that I like the most. (c) General discussion about the field – e.g., the impact on machine learning on society.

More Perfect. (Link) This is a new podcast about the United States Supreme Court. It’s a spinoff from Radiolab. Each episode discusses a case tried before the Supreme Court. Their content is quite accessible and does not require expertise in law. I like particularly how their discussion brings up the individual circumstances and personal aspects of each case; and how it blends with a discussion about why the case was important for an entire society.

Besides these two, I listen to the occasional episode by Freakonomics (example episode link), Radiolab (episode link) and sometimes New Yorker. I’m also eagerly looking forward Dan Carlin’s next episode. Regarding the latter, here’s another suggestion, if you like history: listen to his series on the Mongols.