New research-group members

We have a few new members in our research group: Yanhao Wang (PhD, NUS 2020) joins as postdoc, while Ananth Mahadevan and Sachith Pai (MSc, Aalto 2020) join as doctoral students.

Moreover, Francesco Fabbri, doctoral student at UPF Barcelona, has joined us for an internship.

Welcome to all!

Project funded by the Academy of Finland

The Academy will fund the project ‘Model Management Systems (MLDB)’, following a consortium application with Prof. Aristides Gionis from Aalto University.

The news is particularly exciting, as I aim to expand my research to machine learning systems – besides topics I’ve usually worked on. To get some idea about the research we plan to do, see this pre-print (currently under submission).

Research visit to JRC Seville


Last week, I visited the EU Commission’s JRC Seville, where Carlos Castillo and I presented our ongoing work on algorithmic fairness.

A preliminary version of our work is posted on arXiv:
Affirmative Action Policies for Top-k Candidates Selection, With an Application to the Design of Policies for University Admissions, by M. Mathioudakis, C. Castillo, G. Barnabo, S. Celis