Project funded by the Academy of Finland

The Academy will fund the project ‘Model Management Systems (MLDB)’, following a consortium application with Prof. Aristides Gionis from Aalto University. The funding for my research group is 400,000€. Link to decision:

The news is particularly exciting, as I aim to expand my research to machine learning systems – besides topics I’ve usually worked on. To get some idea about the research we plan to do, see this pre-print (currently under submission).

To see the lists of funded projects in natural sciences and engineering, follow these links: and Three applications from the Computer Science department at the University of Helsinki were successful.


May 30, 2019

Last week, I visited the EU Commission’s JRC Seville, where Carlos Castillo and I presented our ongoing work on algorithmic fairness.

A preliminary version of our work is posted on arXiv:
Affirmative Action Policies for Top-k Candidates Selection, With an Application to the Design of Policies for University Admissions, by M. Mathioudakis, C. Castillo, G. Barnabo, S. Celis


October 18, 2018

I acted as examiner to 6 PhD defenses at the University of Pisa. Thanks to Prof. Paolo Ferragina for the hospitality!