Algorithmic Data Science @ UH

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Yanhao Wang, postdoctoral researcher, since 2020. [webpage]

Arpit Merchant, doctoral student, since 2019. [webpage]

Ananth Mahadevan, doctoral student, since 2020. [webpage]

Sachith Pai, doctoral student, since 2020. [webpage]

Francesco Fabbri, doctoral student at UPF Barcelona. [webpage]

Laura M. Huuskonen, doctoral student in social sciences, co-advised with Jaana Hujanen, works on “Breaking News Literacy”. Since 2019. [webpage]

MSc students / Research Assistants / Interns

Eeva-Maria Laiho works on “Gender Bias in Natural Language Generation Systems”. 2020.

Madhav Narendran works on “Analysis of the News Citation Network”. 2020.

Jiayue Xue works on “Gaussian Processes on Apache Spark”. 2020.

Past members

Andrei Comanescu, MSc, worked on “Analysing Controversy on Twitter via Graph Embeddings”. 2020.

Corinna Hertweck, MSc, worked on “Affirmative Action Policies for University Admissions“. 2019-20.

Riku Laine worked on “A Causal Approach to Selective Labels problems”, co-advised with Antti Hyttinen. 2019.

Antti Karikoski, MSc, worked on “Compression on Column-oriented Database Systems“. 2019.

Nikola Mandic, MSc, worked on “Semantic text similarity using autoencoders”. 2018.