Research group

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PhD researchers

Arpit Merchant (webpage) works on “Low Dimensional Embeddings for Dynamic and Uncertain Networks”. Since 2019.

Laura M. Huuskonen, co-advised with Jaana Hujanen, works on “Breaking News Literacy”. Since 2019.

Research Assistants / MSc students

Riku Laine works on “A Causal Approach to Selective Labels problems”, co-advised with Antti Hyttinen. 2019.

Corinna Hertweck works on “Affirmative Action Policies for University Admissions”. 2019.

Past members

Antti Karikoski, MSc, worked on “Compression on Column-oriented Database Systems”. 2019.

Nikola Mandic, MSc, worked on “Semantic text similarity using autoencoders”. 2018.