Open positions

PhD or Postdoc

We are hiring researchers on the topic of “Model-Management Systems”.

The widespread use of machine learning has created a demand for systems that allow analysts to focus on specifying predictive tasks while having limited direct involvement in lower-level decisions for the management of data, models, and computational resources.
This project develops a computational framework to address efficiency issues that arise during the training of and inference from probabilistic models. For example, how can a system re-use previous computational efforts for new training tasks? Or, what data structures should a system materialize in order to perform inference more efficiently?

The postdoctoral position is funded for 2 years.
The doctoral position is funded for 4 years.

For the postdoctoral position, apply here: .
For the doctoral position, apply here: .

Research Assistant (Summer jobs)

The following positions are available in the group.

(1) Analysis of the global news network
You will download news content from major news sources (e.g., websites of newspapers) around the world and analyze it to identify interesting patterns from it (e.g., what topics are covered by different news sources, or which news sources are more authoritative for different topics). The position is funded by the Media Research Foundation.

(2) Model-based approximate query processing
ML models are often used to answer predictive queries. But ML models can also serve as concise summaries of the data they were trained upon, allowing us to obtain approximate answers to queries about the data. Both tasks are of interest in data-intensive industry settings. For this position, you will evaluate model-based approaches for both tasks over large datasets. The position involves collaboration with the company .

(3) Gender bias in Natural Language Generation systems
We will study different instances of Natural Language Generation systems and attempt to determine whether there is some form of gender bias in their output (e.g., whether nouns of different gender appear together with different adjectives in the generated language). The internship is part of the Embeddia EU project (PI: Prof. Toivonen).

Master’s theses

These positions concern Master’s students of Computer Science at UH.
We offer thesis topics on network analysis, algorithmic fairness, web analysis, machine learning.
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