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The following position is available in my group. The position is for a PhD student, but I’m also hiring Master’s students or Research Assistants for the same topic.

Before you apply, contact me directly via email.
To apply through the open PhD call, see here.

Algorithms for the Analysis of Large-Scale Social Interactions (PhD)

Digital traces of activity on the Web, mobile applications, and other digital technologies offer the opportunity to study interactions at societal scale – and thus extract insights about human social behavior. For example, user activity on popular discussion fora (e.g., Wikipedia, Reddit, and Twitter) is publicly available to a large extent — and various aspects of it are studied intensively by scientists in a large range of fields (from computer scientists to social and political scientists to humanities and media scholars).

Despite the intense research interest, basic algorithmic tasks at the heart of many analyses (e.g., user-attribute prediction, user-network inference, or low-dimensional user representation for visualization) scale badly for large datasets or do not extend gracefully to cover temporal dynamics, noisy data or interactive settings.

Addressing such issues is the subject of this doctoral project – with the goal to build a system for the analysis and visualization of large-scale social interactions. Towards this goal, the project will combine (i) development of algorithms for the aforementioned tasks, (ii) development of a prototype system and accompanying software, (iii) applied cases of analysis.

Requirements Solid mathematical and programming background are required. Published research paper(s) and code are desirable.