Open positions

If you wish to apply for a doctoral or postdoctoral position, please contact me via email.
The email must contain a CV and two contacts of reference.
If you are selected for an interview, you will hear from me within one week.

PhD or Postdoc

We are hiring researchers on the topic of “Machine Learning Systems”.

We aim to address efficiency issues that arise during the training of and inference from probabilistic models. For example, how can we build systems that re-use previous computational efforts when training new models? Or, what data structures should a system materialize in order to perform inference more efficiently?

The PhD position is funded for 3 years; the postdoctoral position is funded for 2 years.

University PhD Positions

You can  apply for a PhD position through the open PhD call of the University of Helsinki. This gives you the chance to propose your own PhD topic and possibly receive funding from the University.

The call is typically open in September.
See details here.

Research Assistant

We are looking for a research assistant to gather data and perform analysis of newspaper content. The position is funded for three months.
For more details, please contact me directly.

Master’s theses

These positions concern Master’s students of Computer Science at UH.
We offer thesis topics on network analysis, algorithmic fairness, web analysis, machine learning.
For more details, please contact me directly.