Last update: 2022.01.04

If you want me to review manuscripts for your journal or conference proceedings, please see below the topics I’m interested in. I will accept the review request only if I’m interested in its topic (and I have time).

Interested in: data management for machine learning (ML), optimization of ML pipelines, ML model management, learned and workload-aware indexing, graph management.

Will NOT review papers on: social media, social networks, web/graph/data mining, algorithmic fairness, social computing, urban computing, data science for [non-CS discipline] — unless they focus largely on aspects that I’m interested in (see above).

Why: The number of reviews that I conduct is well above the number of reviews other researchers conduct for my work. In addition, I spend considerable amount of time for each review (about 4 hours per full-paper review). At the same time, possibly because I have worked on a variety of research topics, the topics of the papers I’m asked to review vary a lot.

Because I do not follow closely all research areas of my previous work, and because of limited available time, I now have to focus my reviewing only on topics that are of active interest to me.