Professional Service

Peer Review
Reviewer or committee member for the following venues:

2019: ICDE, PVLDB.
2017: SIG KDD, WWW, ICWSM, ICDE, Information Retrieval (INRT), Workshop on Social News On the Web (SNOW), Data Science in Societal Debates (DSSD), IEEE Transactions on Big Data (TBD), IEEE DSAA, KnowME@PKDD.
2016: VLDB Journal, WWW, Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), Workshop on Social News On the Web (SNOW), Workshop on Social Media and Risk (SoMeRis), Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology, Transactions on Information Systems, ECML PKDD Journal (DAMI).
: VLDB Journal, ECML PKDD Journal (DAMI), CIKM, WWW, Internet Mathematics, Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS), Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS).
2014: WWW, CIKM, ICWSM, Transactions on Parallel & Distributed Systems (TPDS), Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (TDSC).

PhD Thesis Reviewing

Reviewer for the following PhD theses:

  • ‘Data Analytics for Urban Dynamics Understanding, Monitoring and Simulation’,
    PhD Candidate: Farzad Vaziri, University of Pisa,
    Supervisors: Prof. Dino Pedreschi, Dr. Mirco Nanni.

Reviewer for 2 Master’s Theses at University of Helsinki.

Student Mentoring

Advisor for:

  • Jere Vaara’s BSc thesis (2016).
    Topic: ‘A Facebook bot for schedule coordination’.
  • Miika Rantakaulio’s BSc thesis (2016).
    Topic: ‘A Facebook bot for place recommendation’.
  • Clemens Westrup’s MSc thesis (2016), supported by Sanoma.
    Title: ‘An Exploration of Representation Learning and Sequential Modeling Approaches for Supervised Topic Classification in Job Advertisements’.
  • Julien Blegean’s MSc thesis (2015).
    Title: ‘Twitter the Rioter : Analyzing roles through a protest on social media. What was your part during the 2014 Ferguson riots?’
  • Geraud Le Falher’s MSc thesis (2014).
    Title: ‘Finding similar neighborhoods across cities by mining human urban activity’.


  • The Web Conference (WWW2018), April 2018, Tutorial ‘Polarization on social media’
  • Covve, Athens, Greece, July 2017, ‘A short tour of Machine Learning’
  • Intl. Workshop on Machine Learning for Large Scale Networks, Alaska, USA, May 2017,  ‘Polarization on Social Media’
  • Lyon I, Claude Bernard, May 2017, ‘Social Media Analysis’
  • INSA Lyon, May 2017 , ‘Social Media Analysis’
  • NYU Abu Dhabi, April 2017, ‘Polarization on Social Media’
  • London School of Economics, March 2017, ‘Polarization on Social Media’
  • Elisa, Helsinki, Finland, Dec. 2016, ‘Urban Computing’
  • Futurice, Dec.2016, ‘Expert Finding in Social Networks’
  • PyCon Finland, Nov. 2016, ‘Visualizing Twitter Discussions with NetworkX’
  • Sanoma, Dec. 2015, ‘Social Media Analysis’
  • Inria, Lille, France, May 2015, ‘Absorbing Random Walk Centrality’