RECENT Publications

Workload-Aware Materialization of Junction Trees.
Martino Ciaperoni, Cigdem Aslay, Aristides Gionis, Michael Mathioudakis.
EDBT 2022. (to appear)

Streaming Algorithms for Diversity Maximization with Fairness Constraints.
Yanhao Wang, Francesco Fabbri, Michael Mathioudakis.
IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE). 2022. (to appear)

Joint Use of Node Attributes and Proximity for Node Classification.
Arpit Merchant and Michael Mathioudakis.
Complex Networks. 2021. (to appear).

Minimum Coresets for Maxima Representation of Multidimensional Data.
With Yanhao Wang, Yuchen Li, and Kian-Lee Tan.
ACM Principles of Database Systems (PODS) Symposium. 2021.

Workload-aware materialization for efficient variable elimination on Bayesian networks.
With Cigdem Aslay, Martino Ciaperoni, Aristides Gionis.
IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE). 2021.

Streaming Submodular Maximization with Fairness Constraints.
With Yanhao Wang, Francesco Fabbri.
The Web Conference (WWW). 2021.

Evaluating Decision Makers over Selectively Labelled Data: A Causal Modelling Approach.
With Riku Laine, Antti Hyttinen.
International Conference on Discovery Science. 2020.
Best Paper Award.

City of Citizens: shaping urban landscape through big data.
With G. Andrienko, F. Giannoti, A. Gionis,
International Journal of Data Science and Analytics. 2020.

Affirmative Action Policies for Top-k Candidates Selection, With an Application to the Design of Policies for University Admissions.
With Carlos Castillo, Giorgio Barnabo, Sergio Celis.
ACM Symposium of Applied Computing. 2020.

Reducing Controversy by Connecting Opposing Views.
With K. Garimella, G. De Francisci Morales, A. Gionis.
Invited to IJCAI 2018.

Political Discourse on Social Media: Echo Chambers, Gatekeepers, and the Price of Bipartisanship. [ACM].
With K. Garimella, G. De Francisci Morales, A. Gionis.
The Web Conference. 2018.
Covered on: CNET, Le Monde.

Markov Chain Monitoring.
With Harshal Chauduri, Evimaria Terzi.
SIAM Symposium on Data Mining (SDM). 2018.

Quantifying Controversy on Social Media. 
With K. Garimella, G. De Francisci Morales, A. Gionis.
Springer Transactions on Social Computing. 2017.

The Effect of Collective Attention on Controversial Debates on Social Media.
With K. Garimella, G. De Francisci Morales, A. Gionis.
Web Science (Websci). 2017.
Best Student Paper. 

Reducing Controversy by Connecting Opposing Views. [ACM]
With K. Garimella, G. De Francisci Morales, A. Gionis.
ACM Conference on Web Search and Web Mining (WSDM). 2017.
Best Student Paper.
Covered on [Acolyer], [Communications of ACM – News], [Slate].

Other Publications are available through Google Scholar and DBLP.


2021: Reviewer for DAMI, KDD.
2020: Reviewer for CHI, DAMI, ICDE, KDD, TKDE.
2019: Reviewer for DAMI, ICDE, KDD, PVLDB, TKDE.


Data Science Project, University of Helsinki, Spring 2021, Fall 2018.
CS Colloquium, University of Helsinki, 2021, 2020.
Network Analysis, University of Helsinki, Spring 2021, 2020, 2019.
News and Politics on the Web, Seminar, University of Helsinki, Fall 2018.
Introduction to Big Data Management: Semi-structured data and MongoDB, University of Helsinki, Fall 2018, with Jiaheng Lu.

Data Science, INSA Lyon, Fall 2017.
Modern Database Systems, Aalto, Spring 2017, with Aristides Gionis.
Modern Database Systems, Aalto, Spring 2016, with Aristides Gionis.
The course covers (i) relational database systems and disk access analysis, (ii) querying and indexing for semi-structured data and text, (iii) Map-Reduce and Apache Spark.
Mining the Social Web, Aalto, Spring 2015, with Aristides Gionis.